What are the main components of a TH400 speedometer?

What are the main components of a TH400 speedometer?
The TH400 speedometer is an important component of any vehicle. Its purpose is to give accurate and reliable information about the speed of the vehicle. The speedometer consists of several different parts, including the dial, needle, and gear mechanism. In this article, we will discuss the 45 main components of a TH400 speedometer in detail.

The Dial
The most visible part of the TH400 speedometer is the dial. This is the part that actually displays the speed. It is usually marked with both mph and km/h. On some models, the display may also show additional information such as trip distance or clock time. The dial itself is usually made of metal or plastic and can come in various shapes and sizes.

The Needle
The needle points to the current speed of the car and is connected to the transmission by a cable or some other mechanical device. It is made out of metal and moves freely up and down on the dial via a set of gears inside the speedometer.


The gears are responsible for connecting the needle to the transmission. They are mounted onto a central shaft and are usually made from either brass or steel. As the car accelerates or decelerates, these gears turn, which causes the needle to move accordingly. This movement allows the driver to accurately gauge their current speed.

Electrical Components
The electrical components are used to operate all aspects of the speedometer. This includes powering the needle, lighting up the dial, and controlling it remotely (if fitted). These components include relays, resistors, transistors, and diodes. All of these need to be connected correctly in order for the speedometer to work properly.

Calibration Process
Finally, it’s important to calibrate your TH400 speedometer correctly. This involves adjusting the gear mechanism so that it matches up with your vehicle’s actual gear ratios. This ensures that the needle shows the correct speed while driving and prevents it from moving erratically. To perform this task correctly, you will need an experienced mechanic who knows how to use calibration tools such as a timing light or fuel pressure gauge.

In conclusion, there are 45 major components that make up the TH400 speedometer. These include the dial, needle, gear mechanism, electrical components, and calibration process. Having a fully functioning speedometer is essential for safe driving, so it’s always wise to make sure yours is working correctly. If you ever experience any issues with your speedometer, consult a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

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